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New York City cellar door repair and installation Q & A

All you need to know about cellar doors in New York City

At Cellar Door New York City our customer service and repair teams gathered common questions asked by our New York City basement cellar door customers about cellar door repair and cellar door installation. All how to fix my cellar door, cellar door company near me, how much cellar door cost, or what is a cellar door. Our company top managers cherry pick the most common and popular questions asked by New Yorkers. If you believe or can not find an answer for your question, or solution for yours cellar door issue in the Q&A page, please call 917-310-1619, or email us at: cellardoornewyorkcity@gmail.com and our customer services representative will connect you to a company cellar door professional to assist you with all your questions.

Cellar Door New York City Q&A

Q | What are basement exterior doors called? A | The basement exterior doors called cellar doors , or hatch doors. A cellar door provides access to basements from the exterior of a house, or facility at ground level. Some are flat cellar doors also known as sidewalk cellar doors, and the other type called bulkhead cellar doors that has a triangular shape
Q | How much does it cost to put a new cellar door in a basement? A | New basement cellar door with installation runs from $2,100 to $10,000 or less, the cellar door prices are depending on many factors like the cellar door size, type of material the cellar door made of, and the cellar door design.
Q | Is a basement cellar door can be repaired? A | In most cases yes, cellar door can be repaired, it is all depend on how bad the door is damage in-order to determinant if it is repairable or not.
Q | Who install cellar doors? A | Any professional iron-work companies, steel gates companies , and cellar doors companies can install cellar doors for commercial and residential sectors.
Q | What are the most common basement cellar doors in New York City? A | The most common cellar doors in New York city are the flat cellar doors , also known as the sidewalk cellar doors. They can be seen all over the five boroughs of New York City, however in the Queens New York, and Brooklyn New York counties the bulkhead cellar door are quite popular in the residential sector.
Q | Who fixes Basement exterior cellar doors in NYC? A | Any professional iron-work companies, steel gates companies, and cellar doors companies can repair commercial and residential basement cellar door.
Q | How much does it cost to repair a sidewalk cellar door? A | A cellar door repair price starts from $350 and up, it is depends on so many factors like, door rebuilt to a welding job like connecting the door hinges to the frame.
Q | How offend a cellar door need to be replaced? A | A basement cellar door can be replaced every 15 to 20 years.
Q | What kind of paint can I use on a metal basement cellar door? A | A oil-based paint is highly recommended paint for metal cellar door, however there are other synthetic paint as water-based acrylic that can also be used on a metal cellar door.
Q | How can I paint my cellar door? A | The process to paint a cellar door are four easy steps. It is very important to do this in a dry and sunny day. Please follow the following sequence:
1) Remove the old paint as much as you can.
2) Sand the cellar door lightly, then clean very well the door surface and make sure to remove all the dust and sanded paint from the door.
3) Apply a coat of primer and let it dry.
4) Paint the cellar door with oil-based paint, you should apply the paint twice, make sure that you didn't missed a spot, then let it dry and cure for at least four to six hours.